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How to deal with cramps
A cramp is a sudden muscle spasm, causing severe pain in a muscle, usually muscle contraction due to cold or overexertion, preventing the patient from moving anymore.
Although every muscle can be affected by cramps, it most commonly occurs in the legs, thighs, hands, feet, and abdominal muscles. Cramps are dangerous if you are swimming, sitting near a fire, while driving. So how to deal with cramps to relieve pain quickly and effectively?

I. Causes of cramps
 Vegetative nervous system dysfunction.
 Fatigue, excessive sweating, loss of sodium chloride.
 Muscle has to work hard, causing lactic acid stagnation in muscles.
 Wear uncomfortable shoes: Wearing tight shoes or high heels can also cause cramps.
 Diet deficiency: Cramps occur mainly due to lack of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
 Not drinking enough water: One of the most common causes of cramps is not drinking enough water.
 Do not warm muscles: Warm up before exercising to warm and stretch muscles. Need to warm up for at least 10 minutes. After exercising, you should also do stretching exercises to relax your muscles.

II. People are prone to cramps
Cramps often happen when we are doing too much exercise. The subjects susceptible to cramps are: sport athletes, mountain climbers, multi-storey stairs, pregnant women … Labor, exercise, high intensity of climbing, dehydrated, salt loss … are prone to cramps.
The disease usually occurs in the following cases: sleeping at night, when exercising muscles for a long time continuously, especially when tired, hungry, thirsty.

III. Ways to deal with cramps
People with cramps will feel very painful in their muscles and not be able to move. In particular, this situation will be very dangerous when you are driving or swimming. So, in the following cases, you can take measures for muscle contractions:
– If you have calf cramps, you should stretch your muscles in the opposite direction, slowly pull the tips of your toes and feet up towards the ceiling, toward your knees.
– If the thigh is cramping, ask someone to straighten the leg, press the knee down.
– If the rib muscles are contracted, gently massage the muscles around the chest and breathe deeply, relax, the blood will quickly return to circulation.
In addition, you can use drugs such as vitamin E, muscle relaxants… to treat muscle contraction.

IV. Precautions
To limit the cramping interrupt your work. You can prevent this phenomenon through the following measures:
 Take a warm bath to allow the blood to circulate more easily in the muscle mass.
 Get gentle exercise and relax your body before going to bed.
 Do not wear shoes that are too tight, heels of shoes are too high. At the same time, should wear elastic socks slightly pressed into the blood vessels, not causing stagnation in the lower limb vein.
 Drinking enough water, adding electrolytes, especially on hot days and the body sweats a lot.
 Before and after practicing sports, warm up and practice gentle movements.

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